Information About Ghost.

What Is A Ghost? 

What are ghost? No one knows for certain. There are, hower, many theories to explain the thousands upon thousands of documented experiences that people around the world have had since the beginng of recording hestory. Ghosts and hauntings seem to be relatively common part of the human experience. And there appear to be  several types of ghost or haunting, and more than one theory may be needed  to explain them all. The traditional view of ghost is that they are spirits of dead people that for some reason are " stuck" between this plane of existence and the next, often as a result of some tragedy or trauma. Many ghosthunters and psychics believe  that such earth-bound spirits don't know they are dead. Veteran ghost hunter Hanz Hozer say's, A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true  condition. We are all spirits encased in a physical body. At the time of passing, our spirit body continues into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our physical world and needs to be released to go on. Ghost exist in a kind of limbo in which they haunt the scenes of their deaths or locations that  were pleasant to them in life. Very often, these types of ghost are able to interact with the living. They are on the same level, aware of the living and react to being seen on occasions that they materialize. Some psychics claim to be communicate with them. And when they do they often try to help these spirits to understand that they are  dead and to move on to the next stage of there exisistence.

Why Are Ghost Here?

It is widely accepted throughout the researching  community that what usually causes spiritual activity, is the old assumption of unfinished business. For example suppose a man spent five years  building a dream home . He dies during the construction of a sudden cause, and never got to finish his dream of  building the  perfect house. Such events spark the ghost phenomena. As for Poltergeist activity. Current throught is that the cause of this phenomena was never living. It is considerd to be just evil or chid-like energy. Some call them demons, as this phenomena just seems to be here to antagonize the living.

Ghost Hunting / Ghost Investigation -  A ghost hunt is an informal attempt to simply sight or record a ghost in a location similar to others known to be haunted. A ghost investigation, on the other hand, is a carefully controlled research project, set up to record paranormal activity, usually at a location known or presumed to be haunted.

What Kinds Of Ghost Are There?

Residual Hauntings.

Residual hauntings are often considerd a photo in time or leftover energy from the past. Some type of horrific landmark in the time playing itself over and over in a certain location, ( battlegrounds). Some see apparitions, some feel energies, and some hear sounds. There have been some theories that limestone deposits have some effect on residual hauntings, as they been found near active sites and limestone can hold electromagnetic charges.

Intelligent Haunting.

An  intelligent haunting is throught by some to be a haunting by a responsive entity, and dynamic in nature unlike a residual haunting. A characteristic of an intelligent haunting is the abitity of the phenomenon imposed by the entity to have free will or to make conscious decisions. Researchers of the paranormal theorize that not all intelligent hauntings are the result of a ghost or spirit, and these hauntings may be link to a Poltergesit.

Demonic Haunt - Demons are one of the known inhuman enitities out there. fortunately, they are a rare occurrence. They are very easy to identify as long as they are not hiding. When it is a demonic haunting you typically notice a revolting stench similar to rotted flesh or sulfuric acid. They often let loose a growl that sounds like it is coming from every where at once. They like to make contact by pushing, shoving, hitting, and even scratching. The whole air in the affected area will feel thick like fog and the temperature will drastically change, typically becoming warmer. These creatures are very strong, unlike human spirits, and they don't mind showing it. There have been cases where people have been thrown through the air and even attacked. Apparently, their main goal is to break down a person's free will in order to make way for possession. This can take days, months, or years, but time is of no concern to them. They have hatered for mankind that dates back to the days of God and Lucifer. They  have lived for millennia and will be here long after we are gone. So, you must understand that though you may be able to get these creatures to leave a dwelling with religious provocation you will never destroy them. They could go to the next place down the road if they choose, most likely they won't because distance is not a problem for these creatures. They could go from Maine to California on a thought.

They can take on any form they wish, but mostly commonly it is a half man, half animal form. They will have the head of an animal, the torso of a man, and the hairy legs of an animal. When they approached by an investigating paranormal team they may feel threatened and appear in a human form to keep the home from being blessed and stop the use of religious provocation. During an investigation you need assess the situation more by what happened before you arrived than what is actually going on during the time you are there. Demons are capable of changing form right in front of you from human form to an inhuman form. They neither male nor female, but they can change that to meet their needs. People mostly see demons as black masses standing in doorways or near rooms. Sometimes they  are called Shadow Devils.

Demon - Hostial and resentful entity, supposedly of non - human origin, which some believe to be "fallen ( from grace) angels".

Parasitic Entities.

An entity that is of bad intensions. It must feed off of something, stress, anguish, drug problems, emotional problems, fear, ect.. It can be very problematic within a house hold, a little less subtle then a poltergeist  but still enough to reek havoc. Sometimes associated or confused with poltergeists.

Time Slips.

This type of haunting is most usually seen as sounds and transparent shadows. This has been documented for many years. What may be occurring is actually from the past - another time in life slipping into our time. The ingredients  for this to happen are of larg proportion, yet to be discovered.

Crisis Apparitions.

Apparitions of the dying or recently dead ( usually less than 12  hours, but as much as 24 - 48 hours) are the most frequently reported of apparitions. This category commonly involves one - time visits to someone with whom the apparition has close emotional ties. Though the encounter usually seems to be a type of farewell, sometimes important and useful information is relayed to the viewer. Though dying is the most common crisis, other life-threatening situations can also trigger apparitional visits. In these cases,  the crisis apparition typically  visits a close associate in an appeal for help. Battlefeild Ghosts, places with violence, trauma and intense emotion are typically subject to hauntings. There are no more violent than battlefields, and it is rare to hear of a battlefield that isn't haunted. Most battlefield hauntings are residual hauntings where fragments of the  battle are replayed over and over again. Other hauntings are from spirits who have not crossed over, most likely because they feel they can't due to the nature of their death. Some believe retrocognition is also an element in battlefield hauntings.

Apparitions Of The dead.

These are apparitions of people who have generally been dead longer than 12 - 48 hours. An image with distinct features that enables one to recognize it as a person or specific object. Typically assciated with residual hauntings. These are two subsets:

1. Those that make one or several visits to someone they may not have known this person while a live.

2. The very rare cases of apparitions that linger for months or years around a particular location or a person that they associated with when alive.

Reciprocal Apparition - A rare type of sighting where the spirit and the witness see each other and react to one another.

Objective Apparitions - Apparitions or phenomena that appaer independent of our minds, thoughts, or feelings.

Percipient - A person who sees ( perceives) an apparition or ghost.

Phantom Traveler - The ghost of a human or animal that haunts a specific roadway, route, or vehicle.

Wild Hunt -  A group of ghost huntsmen, horses and hounds in procession, always seen at night.

Grey Ladies - Ghost of women who supposedly died violently for sake of love or pined away from loss of love. The name comes from their frequent appearance as ladies dressed in grey. Variations include ladies in white such as the one that frequents Spangler's Springs in Gettsburg, PA.

Reincarnation - Concept that the soul returns after death to a new body. Explanation of past lives.

Retrocongnition - Displacement in time in which one apparently sees into the past.

Seance - Sitting organized for the purspose of communicating with the dead or to witness paranormal manifestations via the services of a medium.

Spirit - Discarnate being, essence or surpernatural force of nature. Existence apart from, or transcending, the purely physical, also the life - force of an organism. A spirit commonly refers to a ghost.

Spirit Photography - Photos alleged to reveal ghost, spirits, or spirits of the dead.

Spirit Rescue - Attempting contact with entities, intended to alleviate the entities' distress and aid them in the resolution of their conflicts, and in "crossing over" to a higher, spiritual plane.

Supernatural - Events that take place beyound, or violation of, the laws of nature.

Urban Legend - A story too good to be true. Contains strange but supposedly real event.


Why Does A Ghost Cast A Glow?

There  isn't always a glow associated with spirits. Some spirits materialize just as solid looking as you and I. They have human scents, looks, mannerisms. Perhaps just the same as they looked when they where in the living state. Some spirits have solid mass with no glow. To answer the question of what is the glow, many researchers believe that it is just their energy they cast.

Where Are The best Places To Find Ghosts?

Get Permission! Never go somewhere or conduct a ghost hunt without permissiom from the people responsible for that property. You are trespassing and breaking the law.

Locations That Are Haunted Are.

1. Cemeteries

2. Business

3. People's Homes

4. City and private property

What Are Shadow People?

In the recent article on shadow people - dark, ghost - like shadowy entities - it was mentioned that this phenomena seems to be on the rise around the world. There appear to be more sightings with greater frequency. Many readers seem to concur and have responed with their frightening, sometimes bizarre personal encounters with these strange beings. Nobady really knows what they are.

What Is Spiritual Enegry?

Spiritual energy is the energy  that an apparition, ghost, poltergeist uses to perform. Perform meaning to make the spirit visible, to move an object, to make physical contact, noise ect. It also to believe that spiritual energy is the spirit itself just in the form of a white misty vapor.

What Is An Orb?

An orb is energy in the shapes of small spheres of light. There are theories as to weather they indicate paranormal activity, but for all intents and purposes, an orb indicates energy present in the environment. The presence of orbs does not necessarily indicate  a ghost, but may indicate  an environment where a ghost could manifest.

Colors Of Orbs.

1. Pink - openness

2. Red - stress, restlessness

3. Dark Red - anger, pain,psychological impaired

4. Clear Red - high energy

5. Peach - ability to comfort

6. Orange - healing energy

7. Gold - free flowing energy tolerance

8. Yellow - caution

9. Yellow - Green - psychic growth

10. Green - healing, fertility

11. Turquoise - amusement, neutrality

12. Light Blue - tranquility

13. Pilot Light Blue - shielding

14. Dark Blue - shyness, syrvivor instinct

15. Lavender - at peace with God

16. Purple - stored information

17. Violet - seeking spiritual guidance

What Is Ectoplasm?

Ectoplasm takes on lots of shapes and many researchers use ectoplasm as a catch all word for spiritual energy, orbs and all other non shapes spirits. It is often mist - like in nature. If a pitcher is taken and it shows 3 small balls of light, some researchers will say those are ecto spheres. Ectoplasm also takes on a solid form many people possessed or experiencing sever poltergeist trauma will often ooze a substance that is a very strange consistency similar to unhardened gelatin.  Most of the time you will hear ectoplasm being used as another name for spiritual energy. ECTO vapor, ecto misty.


Sometimes during the period of falling asleep (the hypnagoaic state), strange  experiences called hypnogogia have been reported. A hypnogogic can be a dream-like  experience, seeming quite real. Sometimes during these strange sensations, people have experiences a visitor or visitors which are usually described as a malevolent presence, while being over come with sleep paralysis, where by the person is left unable to move and frightened. Many times people will also feel a pressure or weight on their chest or back, with a sensation of not being able to breathe and impending doom. This fear could be caused from the experience itself, thus being panic-induced. People have reported hearing footsteps, voices, and other noises as well as seeing lights, shadows and people moving about the room. A floating sensation and/or vibration similar to what happens in an out of body experience may also occur. Many have reported alien abduction, extra - sensory perception, telepathy, prophetic visions and apparitions during hypnagogia.

What Is Incubus?

An incubus ( incubi )  is a male spirit that attacks women, usually sexually, such as groping of unseen hands and forces, vaginal penetration, or a physical attack. It is considered the same as a woman being raped by a spirit. A succubus is a term given to a spirit that sexually attacks a man. As spirits have no physical form, they are neither male or female. There for a spirit can be both a succubus in one instance, and a incubus in another. It is just a way to throw off someone's mental state and try to weaken their defenses, and if it is a man or a woman, then it may take one approach or the other.

What Is Succubus?

Succubus ( Succubi) This is a female ghost that attacks men, usually sexually. Legends exist of female succubus  described them as demons, not disembodied humans. Legends exist of female succubus demons tempting monks to have sexual relations, or that succubi attempt to lie on women in order to spawn more demons. Most of these interpretations seemed to have been created during medieval times and have envoled since to other modern interpertations.

What Is a Poltergeist?

This type of haunting is the most feared by people because it has the greatest ability to affect our physical world. Poltergeist is blamed for unexplained noises, such as wall-banging, rapping, footsteps, bed - shaking  and even music. Many accounts also detail objects being thrown about the room, furniture being moved, and even people being levitated.  They take our possessions and hide them only to return them later. They turn on faucets, slam doors,turn lights on and off, and flush toilets. They throw things across rooms. They have been known to pull on people's clothing or hair. The malevolent ones even slap and scratch the living. It is because of these sometimes " mean - spirited" manifestations that poltergeists are considered by some investigators to be demonic in nature. Other investigators,  however, believe that poltergeist  activity is not caused by ghost at all, but by certain living people under stress. During a poltergeist experience, writes Lauren Forcella  the agent, in an attempt to relieve emotional stress, unknowingly causes the physical disturbances using mental forces. The mental mechanism that allows the poltergeist agent to unconsciously cause these phyiscal disturbances is called physchokinesis. If you are of  a religious back ground you might consider this kind of haunting as a demonic infestation or demon attack.

What Is A Vortex?

A vortex or Votices  is what researchers consider the break through point of the paranormal activity. Say you are in a house and there is paranormal activity, the spot where researchers feel the activity is coming from would be the vortex. Some  consider this to be an entry way into our dimension from another dimension.

Ghost Voices -  Ghost voices are voices of ghost either heard audibly or collected through EVP. ( Electronic voice Phenomena).  Ghost have voices too, most often speak to us through thoughts. These thoughts may go unnoticed within us, and be accepted as being our own. Learning will open up to more of what is going on around us in the unseen world. Medition helps greatly in clearing the mind and separating the thoughts or voices that may be in the mind of the person.

Ghosts are earthbound spirits, being disembodied after death of the physical body, but choosing to remain in a parallel  to earth, dark, spirit world. Most of the time, ghost remain trapped, interacting with the physical world, due to emotion issues, attachments, fears, or even addicitions. Disincarnate spirits have not moved on unto the spirit world of light, love, joy and peace and with love ones should considered lost, as their condition of darkness revels them as being unclean. Darkness seeks darkness, so it is no superise that ghost do not seek light, but a place to hide.

In this unclean state, voices of ghost are many times pleas for help, and attention. Some ghosts wish only to let the living know that they are indeed still alive, so they may move on. When people who receive ghostly thoughts do not recognize them as the voice of ghosts speaking to them, the disembodied spirit or spirits may become frustrated and trun to noise making, as well as other attention - getting schemes, such as hiding objects.

The more we study ghost and spirits, the more we have become convinced that ghost are around all of us. They may be occasionally around us, or in extreme cases actually be with us interacting within the person who is unknowingly a victim of spirit possession. Control by a ghost over the possessed may be undetectable, but the thoughts or voices of those within still speak and seek to direct and lead the host person. In more extreme cases, the voices of a ghost or ghosts may assume almost total control of another's thoughts ( and thus their physical body ), acting out the desires of the possessor(s).

In contrast, the voices of those who are enlightened spirits also come to us and are perceived typically as spiritual thoughts, as well. The difference between the ghost voices and voices of enlightened spirits is that ghost have a tendency to ( although sometimes unknowingly ) seek control, or have their own selfish first, while the enlightened spirit voices seek only to assist and aid a higher perspective, and never interfere with our lives. From that same higher perspective of all of us being spirits of varying condition within one spirit, we must  seek truth - light. The voices of those who are " enlightened " will assist us in aiding those who are lost ( ghost ) and in need of rescue. This type of help with ghost problems is called " spirit rescue ".

What Are EVP Electronic Voice Phyenomena?

Recorded " ghost voices" are not a new discovery. In fact, the man who invented the frist voice recorder was also the first to record " EVPs" ( Electronic Voice Phenomena). His name is Thomas Edison. He spent the last few years of his life asking questions and carrying on conversations with what we now believe to be are ghost/ spirits. Considering that energy and magnetism, ( two properties that ghost are believed to be made of) are also the same properties used when recording audio sound to a tape. Thus, giving ghost a means of verbally communicating with the living. As of 2001, No person has yet recorded a full blowing conversation or paragraph, but at best, a full sentence has been recorded with remarkable clarity. Most often, one or two words spoken at a time. When using a cassette or digital recorder to capture EVPS, make sure you place it away from any background noise that may interfere with your recording. Always use an external microphone so you don't record the sounds of motor gears running. Cars passing by, dogs barking, clock ticking are examples of things that make it harder to hear when you have a faint voice recorded. Also, place it away from heavy traffic or where you think people might be. If conducting a interview with a potential spirit, ask a question and wait 3 seconds before asking another question. Ask open ended questions if possible, as well as random questions. You may be surprised at which question you get a answer to! The classification system is as follows: 1. Class A: A voice that can be understood with out the need for headphones and that people can generally agree on it's content. 2. Class B: A voice that requires headphones to hear and not everyone can agree on it's content. 3. Class C: A voice that requires much filtering and even by wearing headphones nobody can agree on it's content.

Radio Voice Phenomenon ( RVP )- Receiving the voice of a deceased human being over a regular radio.

What Is An EMF Gauge?

An EMF gauge is one of the most widely used tools in a ghost hunters tool box. An EMF gauge measures the amount of electromagnetic charge in the atmosphere. It is  measured by gauss units or milliguass. All current scientific evidence shows that paranormal activity casts a high electromagnetic  discharge. Therefore when we use this tool and we pick up this energy, we know that we are within a few feet of paranormal phenomena, and  can begin snaping pitchers or begin to try to communicate or what ever your intentions. It  is said that this tool has a 90% success rate in locating Paranormal Phenomena. We use this tool by swiping left to right in a slow motion in small areas, and in big areas you sweep around in the same fashion as if you were mowing a lawn.  Slowly left to right in a pacing  pattern.

What Is Paranormal Phenomena?

Paranormal by definition means not normal, or not scientifically proven. You can substitute for supernatural ect. We use it as a catch all for what ever it is we are talking about. Instead of saying, ghost this, poltergeist that, apparition this, we just say Paranormal Phenomena because it speakes broadly. Although "Paranormal" "Supernatural" denotes something outside of the normal realms of science, it is one of the goals of Ann's Paranormal to bring awareness to the public that such things are more common than one would think and can be proven scientifically.

Are Ghost Dangerous?

As a rule ghost, apparitions, spectors, energy, orbs,ect. are not dangerous. They are just like people, most of people are good in nature so is Paranormal Phenomena. How ever you do get some activity that is dangerous. What you do have to watch out for is poltergeist activity, that is the unseen forces, the smacks and pushes and scratches and the flying objects and all the melevolent energy such as that. Poltergeists are considered to be not spiritual in nature, and so techenically, "ghost" are not dangerous, but poltergeists or inhuman entities may be.

Can A Ghost Hurt Me?

I have never seen any case study, or heard any stories of an actual ghost physically hurting someone. When you may hear of physical damage to a person or mental anguish, it would most likely be considered a poltergeist or inhuman activity. In general, ghost or spirits of those deceased do not have a desire to hurt people.

Can A Ghost Follow Me Home?

I'm going to say YES. A lot of researchers would say no. And I agree to a certain extent. It is not normal that if you go to a haunted dwelling or cemetery that something will follow you home, but there is a lot of case study to suggest that this has happened and can happen. It has happened to some people that have gone on an investigation. If you are a religious person you may chose to say The St. Michael prayer before entering and before leaving any paranormal circumstance. This is the prayer.

Saint Michael the Archangle, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him,we humble pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host; by the power of god cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Are There Ghost Of Animals?

(YES) I have had some of my pets that have passed away that have came back to visit me. In pictheres and face to face visits. Some people report that when they go to pet cemeteries, their cameras pick up much smallar orbs and ecto mists consistent to the size of cats or dogs.

Protection From Ghost.

What does proction from ghost mean? Do I need to protect myself from ghosts? If you are around an environment that you believe is inhabited by negative ghost, and you are vulnerable to fear of ghosts, then you need to take precautions.  Negative ghosts will attach to those who are fearful, because fear aid darkness. Ghosts, being in darkness, can sence this and thus know who they can over-power. If a ghost wishes to do harm to a person, they can do so only to those who are "spiritually drained" or "dry".  In other words, fear becomes the doorway to allow an enitity to be able to bring harm. For those who are spiritually aware, proctection from ghosts are not an issue for they do not fear them.

A ghostly attack may be manifested many ways in a weak person, such as being frightful, disoriented, weak, having feelings of negativity, thoughts of depression, thoughts of suicide or even  ghost possession. Not all of these symptoms are indicative of negative ghosts being present, but have been noted as signs of negative ghostly presence from those who are vulnerable. Sexually perverse ghosts are called incubus or succibus have also been experienced by some.

Protect From Ghosts - Negative Entities.

The best way to not be vulnerable to ghost attacks is to be awear of who you are spiritually. In other words, being in touch with the inner spirit (who you really are) is the best way to be empowered. Medition brings realization of one's spirit, especially as detachment from the physical realm occurs. Spirit is love, life, truth, and peace - fear has no place. Spirit is light. Knowing that nothing can harm you (unless you believe it can - through fear) is very powerful. being awear of your "oneness" with God and all that exists is the truth of who you are. This truth is light and power.

Some Techniques For People to Help Overcome Fear Of Ghosts And Become Empowered Include.

1. Clam yourself down and speak while breathing in, I am... (and breathe out) relaxed. Imagine your self fearless, all - powerful in spirit and tell the ghost "NO". Leave now.

2. Envision a holy figure standing with you. Absorb their energy and strength.

3. Imagine you are a light buld and visualize the light filling you from your toes to your head and broadcasting into the room around you. This shield of light that vanquishes all darkness.

4. Prayer to your religious figure, guide, angel, ect asking for assistance, light and protection also reportedly works for some people.

Final Thoughts On Ghost Protection.

When we lose control of our minds and bodies due to sickness, sexual addictions, over - use of alcohol or drugs, we may open ourselves up to negative entities. If we are led outwardly by the physical world with no regard for our spirit, then we walk through life spiritually "dead". Signs of this "deadness" include a life by anger, jealousy, greed, revenge, hatred, perverseness, pleasure, gain, ect. One can either coose to be filled with light (positiveness, truth, peace, joy, and love) or darkness (negativity, fear, condemnation, guilt, worry, hatred, anger,greed, ect). The choice is always an individual one to make.

Banshee - Death omen spirit of Ireland that manifests to herald an approaching death. Heard wailing or singing mournfully. Contrary to popular belief, banshees do not shriek.

Calling Ghost - Ghost that call out names of the living to get their attention and lure them to their death. An example would be sirens of mythology.

Clairvoyance - Paranormal vision of objects, events, places, and people not visible through normal sight.

Crossraods - The meeting and parting of ways has always been considered magical. In addition, crossroads are said to be haunted by various entities who lead confused travelers astray. It is also said that on All Hollow's Eve (halloween), spirits of the dead appear at a crossroad.

Elemental - An angry or malicious spirit, also referred to as "earth spirits". Elementals are considered to be ancient.

Exorcism - Expulsion of ghost, spirits, demons or other entities believed to be disturbing or possessing a human being or place that humans frequent. Exorcism can range from friendly conversations to rituals commanding the entity to leave.

Extra - A shape or face that appears in a photograph surpernaturally and can not be explained aways as fraud, developing flaws, or faulty film.

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) - Paranormal sensing of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch separated in to three categories: Telepathy, Clairvorance, and Precognition.

Agent - A living person who is the focus of poltergeist activity.

Apport - A phsical object that can materialize and appear at will in the presence of a medium.

Anomaly - Is an event which currently does not have an explanation. The seeming connection a haunting or entity may have with an item, such as furniture or other personal belonging. Often this type of haunting is noticed when an item is first brought into a location. When the item is again removed, the events related to the haunting cease.

Automatic writing - This method of obtaining informatiom from disembodied spirits is used by mediums in which the spirit takes control over the medium causing them to translate unconscious informatiom on paper without being aware of the contents.

Case Study - An in-depth investigation of an individual subject.

Channeling - In this modern day method of spirit communication, a spirit will pass information directly to a medium or channeler who will then relay the information on to the listener(s).

Clairaudience - The paranormal obtaining of information by hearing sounds or voices.

Clairsentience - An archaic term that refers to the paranormal obtaining of informatiom using faculties other than vision or hearing.

Collective Apparition - A rare type of sighting in which more than one person see's the same apparition or phenomena.

Conjuring - Using trickery to simulate paranormal effects, generally for the purpose of entertainment.

Demonic Possession - Refers to cases in which a person's body is apparently taken over by demonic personality or entity.

Diving Rod - A forked rod ( or sometimes a pair of L - shaped rods).

Dowsing -  The paranormal detection of underground water or mineral deposits ( or lost person and objects) using a Divining rod.

Earthbound - A term referring to a ghost or spirit that was unable to cross over to the other side at the time of death and is therefore stuck on earth.

Hallucination - The perceotion of sights and sounds that are not actually present.

Levitation -  To lift or raise a physical object in apparent defiance of gravity.

Materialization - The act something solid from the air. One of the most difficult and impressive materializations is when part or all of a ghost or spirit can be seen, especially if the face is recongnizable.

Medium Or Spirit Mediums - Is an individual who possesses the ability to receive messages from spirits (discorporate entities), or claims that he or she can channel such entities that is, write or speak in the voice of these entities rather than in the medium's own voice.

Mist - A photographed anomaly that appears as a blanket of light. There is no substantial proof that are related to paranormal phenomenon.

Paranormal - Referring to something that is beyond the range of normal human experience or scientific explanation.

Parapsychology - The study of the evidence for psychological phenomena that are inexplicable by science.

Pentacle / Pentagram - The  traditional five - pointed star design, with its interior pentagon delineated, generally representing both spiriuality and protection when point "up", when inverted, it is said to signify diabolism.

Phantom - Something that is seen, heard, or sensed, but has no physical reality.

Psychic - a person who is responsive to psychic forces with above average ESP abilities.

Sensitive - A paranormal characteristic of a person, who also may be a "psychic" who has psychic powers, but has not the ability to communicate with the dead.

Specter - A ghostly apparition, a phantom.

Spiritualism - The belieft system that the dead are able to communicate with the living, through an intermediary or medium.

Subjective Apparitions - Hallucinations of apparitions or other phenomena that are created by our own minds.

White Noise -  A heterogenouse mixture of sound waves ex-tending over a wide frequency range. 

Automatism - Any unconscious and spontaneous muscular movement caused by spirits.

Ghost Buster - A person who removes a ghost, poltergeist, spirit entity, or spectral activity from a haunted site.

Ignis Fatuus - Litterally meaning "foolish fire", are any of a viriety of ghost or spectral lights.

Matrixing - The natural tendency for the human mind to interpret sensory input, what is perceived visually, audibly or tactliely, as something  familiar or more easily understood and accepted, in effect mentally "filling in the blanks". This is one common mistake people make when looking at photographs. Their eyes "fill in" the blanks and begin seeing faces, ect. Which are not necessarily present in the picture. This has been compared to looking at the clouds and seeing figures or shapes.

Oui-ja (Board) - A diving implement consisting of a small, round or more often rectangular platform with letters, numbers and various symbols printed upon it, and a "planchette". The planchette, when the fingures of two  participants are lightly places along its edges, is intended to glide across the smooth surface of the inscribed platform and indicate messages. Conceived of as a parlor game in the wake of popular spiritualism, this is potentially a very dangerous tool for inviting in unpredictable, invasive forces. Experience researchers vehemently advise against their usage.

How To Get Rid Of Ghost.

Most ghost do not need getting rid of, but actually need our help. If you think you have a ghost but not sure. Or  if you believe you have a trouble ghost with you or your family, remain clam and try to open up to understanding the ghost communications that may be happening around you. Often, a ghost simply wants to be recognized as existing - wanting you to know it is still alive before it will move towards the light. Many times, people are shocked to find out it is someone they know and love! Maybe the ghost, who is simbly another person, really wants to deliver a message to someone before feeling released to move towards the light unto peace, joy and love.

If by chance you feel you have a negative spirit or energy in your home ( a ghost that frightens you, is physically abusive or ghost that are sexually perverse) ( enlightened positive spirits or kind ghost will not be bothersome, if one asks to not be brothered and sets rules), try to handle the ghost in this manner.

1. Remain unemotional and firm when dealing with a negative ghost, as they will feed off of your fear and make themselves stronger amd more powerful ( much of this is simply in our mind - I do not believe they have any power over us, except what we give them). Just know you are in control, and speak out loud for a ghost or spirit to leave and that they are not welcome in your home. You have nothing to fear, for fear is created in the mind. do this firmly, yet with love.

2. Tell the spirit or ghost to seek the light, and that it's physical body has perished and it's time ( and good ) to leave this physical realm. Tell negative ghost that they will see other spirits ( loved ones ) who are called to direct and guide them, and will be treated with love and  forgiveness no matter what they've done. Ghost need to know that they can be affecting others negatively, and that it is time for them to move on in life and unto peace and enjoyment.

3. If they are worried about punishment, tell them that they're not sent to an eternal "hell", but will be shown their lives and are made to experience what they done so they can understand those things and how they have impacted themselves and others. They will always be treated with love and will be helped to move beyond any self created guilt and condemnation - through forgiveness, especially forgiveness of themselves. Be very firm in letting them know it's good for them, and time for them to go. Keep telling them this untill you feel they've gone to the light, the realm of spirit this will help them to move on. Light is not to be feared for it is love, peace and truth. Darkness is " lack of understanding" and negative - false.

Traditional Spiritual Cleansing - Ghost Sumuding.

If the spirit or ghost activity does not stop, or stops only for a while, then resumes, you may want to do a spiritual cleansing of your home. This is the traditional practice of  "smudging" a home to get rid of an unwanted ghost. However, most believe it will only temporarily slow activity down, for the ghost needs to truly move on.

1. Crack a window in each room of your home and take a dried bundle of sage ( available at most metaphysical stores) and " smudge"  your home clearing out any negative or stagnant energies. Smudging is simply lighting the sage bundle, making you have a safe receptable to catch the ashes in, and walking around your entire  home allowing the smoke to circulate and cleanse the enegry and space.

2. Being firm and unemotional, walk around each room of your home, While saying firmly, " This sage is cleansing out all negative energies and spirits. All negative energies and spirit must leave now through the opened windows and not return" do this untill you sense the negative energy has gone and the room's energy lightens ( to a positive - look for peace) and then say "In the name of God, this room is now  cleansed". Know and sense this.

3.  Remember not to worry about how you sound if you stumble on your words. The main thing is your intent, which is your faith. You have power and have nothing to fear. Your intentions are to rid the home of negative energies and spirits and they will know this, if they are there. Always work with your own energy within your soul and incorporate this energy into the cleansing. Draw your divine power from within your innermost being.

Always be firm, non-fearing, unemotional and deal with negative ghosts stronglt, yet  in love. You are always in control and are not powerless. Some people like to revisit a cleansed house by going back into the rooms with a pleasant incense such as lavender inviting all loving, protecting, positive spirits into the home. You may end the ritual by lighting a white candle and setting it on a table to burn for a bit to "seal" the ritual.

There are negative spirits, which are people out there in the spirit realm who are just the same negative people they were on earth, but I truly blieve in ghost. Some ghost will never  communicate with you, but appear to be residual energy left over from a former event ( maybe tramatic ) and somehow recorded onto the atmosphere of a location. These do not go away and do not react with present day people. True ghost, however, are simple earth - bound spirits that have decided to stay attached to the earth realm, rather than moving into the higher, spiritual realms. There are several reasons why this may occur,  the most common is that some dis-embodied people ( or ghost )  may just want to be recognized as still being alive. Speak to them. acknowlegede the ghost you suspect are trying to make contact with you. Treat them as human beings, for they are.

Sometimes ghost dont quite understand that their physcial body is gone, it wasn't really who they were anyway, all of us are spirits. Many times, ghost may be afraid  to move on and into the light where a life review will occur, believing they may be punished ( such as in eternal hell ), which is a man created idea, hell is a state of mind, such as a person who has passed being afraid to move on toward the light for  not being  good enough while in the physical world. Or perhaps, they still enjoy the people and places here on earth and don't want to leave, perferring to remain close to those they know who are still in physical bodies. Some ghost simply will not move on due to former addictions, attachments, earthly pleasures, or what they deem as  "familiar". Ghosts can have  unfinished business here on earth and may need help getting a message across to someone. Or an item found that was hidden by them. Keep in mind that a few ghost can be very negative, while other spirits may just be visiting and have positive feelings and even messages for us, or for loved ones, spirit guide and angels. Remain open-minded, trying to understand what the ghost may be trying to communicate with you. Maybe then, you can help the troubled spirit to move forward in life and out of a self created prison called HELL.

This may sound socking, but ghost can possess people. Some mistake this for demons, but it is really dis-embodied human spirits co-inhabiting another's physical body. These sometimes tend to be spirits addicated to earthly pleasures. Those possessed tend to be spiritually dead, with all focus being outwardly. Marked signs are personality changes, addictions, depression, ect could point to one or more possessing spirits. This is not to say that all addictions, depression and mental illnesses are caused by ghost possessions.

Communication From The Dead.

Ghost and spirits may use symbolic language and be perceived as a "knowing within", or possibly make use of electrical energy to try and get our attention. Some of these reasons for communication from the dead might be to let one know that they are "OK", maybe to warn one of danger, perhaps to offer sound direction and guidance for a situation that is of concern, or maybe to simply say "Hi". In any case, know that on the other side are not "dead". They are disembodied, however. We have included some examples of what one may experience as communication from the dead (or those on the other side).

1. See them as an apparition.

2. Hear them, for example making noises around the home.

3. Smell them, a specific scent remainds one of them.

4. Receive gifts that one know was from them.

5. Sense or feel their presence as chills or goose bumps.

6. Sence their touch or maybe a hug.

7. Experience visions or deams of the deceased.

8. Experience electrical disturbances such as lights blinking, telephone's or door bell's ringing for no reason.

9. See impressions on furniture or beds as if some one is ( or was) sitting there.

10. View photographic anomalies - orbs, ectoplasm and apparitions appearing in pitchures.

11. Have missing items, such as books, jewelry, personal items.

12. See objects moving in the home.

13. Experience strange coincidences or symbols - such as thinking of the deceased person and coming into contact with things or people that remind one of them. Thoughts other then your own are "Ghost Voices".

14. Watch balls of light energy visibly moving in the home called "Orbs".

15. Receive a phone call from the dead. 

Understanding Darkness, Light And Paranoraml Phenomena.

In ghost hunting, it is common for ghost hunters to capture images of "light" in photos, such as round balls called "ORBs", mist, ectoplasm vapors and even super - charge streaks and other paranormal phenomena. However, it is also known that some ghost pictures contain images of "darkness". these"dark" images are sometimes referred to as "shadow people" or "dark shadows". They are living entities, because these beings in darkness have been recorded moving about, just as enitities of light have also been recorded in moton on vido tape. What's even more interesting is the fact that some paranormal investigators have witnessed these shadow people being playful, thus suspecting that they very well could be children on the other side of the grave. But how could beings of darkness be children?  Wouldn't it make since that the enitities of light are good, such as angles might be, and the entities of dark are bad? Maybe not.

When understanding the spirit realm, we must understand that there is only one spirit and that all that is, exists within the spirit. Therefore, we are all one, one in spirit. The bible may shed light on understanding the enigma of dark and light. Jesus often taught darkness to be "lack of understanding". To me "lack of understanding" means to not know or understand the truth - the truth of who  we are and who we all are in spirit. This is particularly interesting when one considers other verses Jesus spoke of concerning light. He proclaim we should "let" our light shine amoung others. Could Jesus have been saying that the condition of our soul can be seen by others? Is the truth I know and understand related to the "light" or "brightness" of my soul? And is darkness the covering over of that light within me?

Considering  the amount of paranormal ghost pictures we are seeing every where it's intersting to consider that perhaps what we are capyuring on film is in fact the souls of individuals. some call them orbs. These orbs have been captured in ghost photos demonstrighting various sizes, different degrees of brightness, white to brilliant colors, and slow moving to even fast moving high-energy states called "Super Charged". are these orbs showing us different types of people (and even perhaps animals) in varying ststes of mental understanding? And if we are capturing ghost pictures of varyig soul conditions, from some being "lost" to others being "found", will not all progress of knowing the truth to one day possessing and understanding who they are?

Jesus would seemly agree as he mentioned people should strive to be like a "city of light on a hill", so others find the light of truth that one possesses. Maybe this is why some on the other side of the grave seek out those whom they can see in this physical world. Do those of us here on earth have a visible "light" or "darkness" about ourselves, as well? Maybe those in the spirit world  seek out those who are "in light" or "enlightened", so they can find truth, also. Many believe in "evil spirits".

We all have experienced those who are not in truth (light) in this world and are down right bad, call them "evil" people. What happens to them when their spirits leave this world through death of the physical body? Are those who are not thinking correctly on earth all of a sudden knowing truth in the next world? And can they now through death of the physical body instantly be "enlighted", and no longer  be trapped by error of their beliefs?  Could they become what many call "evil spirits", remain still traped in their own mind of mis-thinking, desperately in need of truth and light to shine in there souls.

They seek what they are"familiar" with, the physical realm, the trem is "Familiar Spirit". Maybe evil does not exist, just people who are lacking knowledge and understanding, thus, making choices based upon error of beliefs. The condition of our soul in this earthly world will be the condition of our soul in the spirit world, at least initially when crossing over to the other side, until one finds the truth and freedom they are seeking. 

Ghost, Spirits In the Bible, Ghost In Christianity.

Ghost are possible because the spirit realm and physical realm co-exist, yet are on different planes. Some ghost may not be people on the other side, they could be residual energy or thoughts left over from a traumic or emotional past events. The christen bible is full of "paranormal" activity, why not ghost? Ghost and spirits are one in the same they are people on the other side of the grave in the after life, if you will. They are common in scripture, if you look for them mentioned within the christian bible.

One of the first verses that most are awear of this is in Samuel - 28:15, where Saul has a medium, "call up" the prophet Samuel from the other side of the grave. and Samuel saith to Saul, Why hast thou troubled me, to bring me up? The scripture is very clear that this was Samuel, and Samuel had died and crossed over to the other side. That would make him a spirit or ghost. This passage also plainly show that mediums can have contact with people on the other side. The medium whom Saul used, saw many people on the other side, when she was calling up Samuel. Note in this verse that Samuel had maintained his form of old man wearing a mantel, just like the documented ghost sightings of apparitions, report the ghost to be dressed in period dress from there own time era, here on earth.

In the New testament, we see Jesus having "appeared" to many after his resurrection. To "appear" to me means manifesting from the invisible to the visible, just as a spirit or ghost might manifest, from the spirit to the physical realm. It's interesting to note that he "appeared" to Simon (Luke 24:34), and he "appered" to Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9). Jesus "appeared" to two of his followers in a different form that was not recognizedable to them. They had a conversation with him and still didn't reconize Jesus physically. Mark 16:12, Two of them as they are going into a field, walking, he manifested in another form. Jesus also "appeared" to the eleven disciples and stood in the mist of them during their conversation (Luke 24:36). Can you imagine that? He manifested right before their eyes from the realm of spirits. Jesus makes a statement about their fear of him "appearing" right before their eyes.

Luke 24:39 handle me and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones, as you see me having. One might argue Jesus wasn't a spirit or ghost because he had flesh and bone. But Jesus still was "appearing" like a ghost or a spirit might do. Does flesh and done "appear" out of thin air? owever, the point might be missed if one does not consider Jesus statement further, about not being a spirit or ghost, he was in effect stating that spirits, ghost do exist, but that he was not like them! 

This common belief in ghost is found in another New Testament passage, as well. You may remember Jesus walking on water towards his disciples who were in a boat on the sea. The verse in matthew 14:26 states, "and the disiples having seen him walking upon the sea, were troubled saying it is an apparition, and from the fear they cried out". Apparitions were obviously believed to exist and even by the  followers of Jesus who were learning rapidly about the spirit realm from him. Other people obviously believe in ghost during Jesus time on earth, because they"appaered" in the city of Jerusalem after Jesus resurrection. Matthew 27:52-53, "and the tomds were opened and many bodies of the saints who have fallen asleep, arose, and having come forth out of the tombs after Jesus rising, they went into the holy city and  appeared to many."

The writer of Hebrews, ost likely the apostle Paul) mentions the fact  of spirits being all around us, in Hebrews 12:1, "therefore, we also having so a great cloud of witnesses set around us". To some this is confirmation of the spirit and physical realms co- existing with one another, but on different planes. It is a spiritual truth, that what exists here on earth, must first in the spirit realm, for spirit is the life-giving force behind all. And that spirit is God. God is life. The bible proclaims in the Lord's prayer,"on earth (physical realm) as it is (first) in heaven (the realm of spirits). But there is one last bible passage that proves the manifestion of spirits from the spirit realm into this physical world.  Mark 9:4 in the famous Mount of Transfiguration passage. "And there appeard  to them, Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus". This passage not only proves that spirits can manifest here, but it shows a very important spiritual truth, as well. 

Jesus spoke with people on the other side of the grave, therefore those on the otherside of the grave can speak to us.  The fact remains, it is not only possible for ghost to exist, but Jesus, who is to be our example, shows us some spirits communicate with us!  Why did Jesus choose only to reveal this truth to James, Jhon, and Peter? To us, this truth has been spoken against by traditional christian doctrine for years. Yet  Jesus flet it important enough to reveal to those three disciples what was really going on "behind the scenes".  Jesus seemed to understand quite a lot about what was  going on " behind the veil" of this physical world. We should not fear ghost, but seek to understand the truth of the spirit realm. 

How To Tell If You Have A Ghost.

The following are some descripitions of ghostly activity, and thus are common phenomena found in hauntings. It is important to not be afraid and understand that a ghost is a person who is most likely wanting to be recognized for assistance. The following phenomena are not all inclusive:

1. Cold Spots -  The manifestion of a ghost requires energy, and thus area could be cold from the ghost using the energy of a specific location.

2. Electrical Disturbances -  Such as lights and radios turning off and on by themselves.

3. Movement of Physical Objects -  Such as doors opening up ond closeing by themselves.

4. Items - Missing or moved around by themselves.

5. Water - Truning off and on by it self.

6. Goosebumps - Chills, the feeling that you are being watched, or touched.

7. Sounds -  Such as foot steps, music, voices, whispers, rapping, banging, something being droped, ect.

8. Balls Of Lights - Orbs that appear and float around in your home.

9. Shadows - Moving about a room or you see it out of the corner of your eye.

10. Odd Behavior From A Pet - Animals are very in tuned with spirits around them.

11. Unexplained Or Known - Like fragrances of the deceased. Or can be food smells in the home ect. Or smoke smell.

12. Levitating Objects - Objects moving up in the air or floating around in the room. And a person can be levitated as well as a object can be.

13. Mists - Or vapors that appear in and around your home.